About Us


We are a small independent College offering practical mathematics courses and tuition.  We know that a solid understanding of mathematics provides a core strength to many professions and fields of further study.

Our academic year runs from March to December.

Basic tuition costs $40 per hour.  Funding and Scholarship applications accepted.

Register on-line, by telephone, or visit us on College Open Days - Mondays from 11.00am to 7pm. Come to the main classroom at 41 Wray Avenue, Fremantle.



TERM TWO MONDAY TUTORIALS.  Short course small group tuition: 

University Support Mathematics   12noon - 3.00pm

WACE Mathematics                        4.00pm - 6.00pm

Casual Tuition                                6.00pm - 8.00pm

Attendance:           Minimum 2 hours per week

Duration:               Up to 10 weeks per term

Coursework:          High

University Support Mathematics is suitable for students wanting to brush-up in preparation for University studies, or students already attending Uni but struggling with their maths.

WACE Mathematics: Not feeling confident for the up-coming WACE mathematics exam?  Learn new techniques to help you understand the questions, find solutions, and pass the exam!  Come to class prepared with your textbook and questions.

Casual Tuition classes are for students who need limited but specific help with aspects of their mathematical study and wish to attend classes on an 'as needs' basis. 

Coursework means the volume of material covered in class, homework and assignments.



We offer college level mathematics courses that are easily transportable between educational institutions.  The Advanced Diploma of Mathematics is still under development and may be split into specialist streams such as Statistical Analysis.  Please see Course Content for an indication of the level of maths and topics covered.

Certificate of Mathematics

Attendance:       3 hours per week

Duration:           20 weeks

Coursework:       Low

This course assumes no prior mathematical knowledge.  It starts from the very basics of understanding numbers and takes the student through the fundamentals of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.


Diploma of Mathematics

Attendance:     3 hours per week

Duration :       20 weeks

Coursework:   High

This program is suitable for students who need to build on their basic maths understanding for their work or further study.




Fees are $40 per hour.  Once enroled an invoice will be forwarded to you.

Payment can be made in person or deposited into the Student Fees Holding Account.

Please see your enrolment form for further details including our refund policy.

Check with your accountant for any applicable tax off-sets. Your employer, or employment advisor, may cover the cost of your training if it is job related.



We currently offer partial scholarships.  Please telephone and request an application.


Every aspect of the running and maintenance of the college is regarded with a mind to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and principles.  For example:

  • White board markers are AusPen, Xylene free and refillable.
  • White board cleaning spray is water.
  • Window treatments are plain stretched silk.
  • Paints are low, to no, V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds).
  • Plain ingredients, such as vinegar and bi-carb., are used for cleaning.
  • Tea and coffee are organic and fair trade
  • Fruit bowls for class breaks contain organic and bio-dynamic fruit.



Please let us know what we are doing right.  It strengthens the maths to know.


The College operates on the principles of continuous improvement.  We welcome your comments.


Contact the College to discuss your group training mathematical needs.

We specialise in custom designed training and assessment programs to meet the learning outcomes of the mathematical components of your Whole of Qualification.



The Fremantle College of Mathematics Code of Conduct

Every participant is expected to abide by the College Code of Conduct.  
The Code of Conduct is simple and applies to both staff and students. 
It requires you to work and behave in the best interests
of the advancement of mathematical education.